Love Without Limits

Sometimes we must fall before we fly

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Beauty isn’t Defined by Our Scars, but Allows Us to Love Through Them.

Love is one of the most important things in life. God has, afterall, made us beings of love. People nowadays throw that word around like it’s nothing and you end up with many broken souls. In the aftermath, some choose to move on, others become cynical, and still some just quit believing in love. No matter that choice, we have lost sight of it’s meaning. Of its purpose. God has asked us to not only love ourselves but to also love others, and that is something we do not do; instead we choose to judge. We take one look at someone and if we don’t like what we see, we walk away. What’s wrong with this? This world is full of broken people, reaching out for hands to hold, but are only met with people who turn their backs. Never do we realize the damage we do in the lives of others by simply not loving them.

Addictions are the greatest examples. Those who cut, burn, deal with disordered eating, or have any other form of addictions don’t see anything good when they see themselves. All they can see is their flaws. Their scars. It’s like a brick wall has been placed after the surface and seeing beyond that seems impossible. Obviously, there is a self-loathing that sets in and they no longer feel worthy of love or being loved. All that’s needed is for someone to reach out to them, to take the time to see through their masks and help them. Unfortunately, that’s hardly ever the case because when someone sees the scars imprinted on their arms, they judge them and immediately walk away disgusted. The message being sent is simply what they have come to believe: they won’t be loved anymore. They aren’t worth it.

I have come to realize that your scars are beautiful because they show the trials you have been through and the healing that has come from the wounds. They are your story and when the day comes that you accept them, you will begin to share your story. You will begin to bring others hope. Think of this: each cut, each burn, each time we throw up or go through a meal without eating, each drug we take or everytime we drown ourselves in alcohol not only hurts us but hurts God. He sent his son to shed his blood so we wouldn’t have to hurt, but we repay that by purposefully bringing more hurt upon us. The beauty of it all is that God still loves us. So if he can love us through our scars, we should be able to do the same. These trials give us compassion for we then develop an understanding not everyone can know; thus, we can love others who do the same. Don’t be afraid to unveil yourself, to show yourself to the world because the person that follows is beautiful.

For those who haven’t dealth with those addictions, don’t judge someone for it. They aren’t disgusting, they are broken. They need you. They need you to love them through the scars. To see their souls, not what’s on the outside. This unconditional love is the kind of love we have forgotten. How many lives could be saved from suicide, how many arms and thighs would be free of scars, how many people would be sober, how many people would be clean, how many people would be healthy, how many people would be happy and even love themselves if we just opened our hearts?

Love is louder. That’s what I’ve learned. We aren’t defined by our addictions, but our abilities to see through them, love through them, and finally overcome them. In this way I have changed. I am learning to see the beauty in everything instead of the destruction. I am learning to reach out to others in love, and I am learning how to love myself.

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